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Next Generation iPad Pro 2018 with Bezel Less Display and Bionic Fusion A11 CPU


There’s no doubt that bezel less smartphones are taking over the industry. Every major smartphone company such as LG, Vivo, Samsung and Apple are using these displays. In fact, Google is also expected to use a bezel less display design on its upcoming Pixel 2 and the larger Pixel 2 XL variant. With that said, the question that remains is which company is going to launch the first bezel less tablet? Many people believe that the answer to that questions is Apple and a Reddit user even created a concept mock-up of that.

Bezel Less iPad Pro

Apple loves to be a step ahead of everyone and to keep on innovative and this is what makes people believe that the Cupertino based tech giant is planning to release an iPad Pro that’s fitted with an edge to edge panel. Furthermore, Apple proved that it knows how to make use of OLED technology with iPhone X and this is certainly what it’s going to use on the next generation iPad Pro lineup as well.

Sleek Design

If there’s one thing about Apple that everybody knows that’s that Apple excels at sleek designs. Every Apple-made product is gorgeous in terms of design and as we all can clearly see in the mock-up concept picture, the next generation iPad Pro will look amazing. Obviously, bezel less panels improve the image quality that devices offer but they also make them look amazing.

Enhanced Media Viewing Experience

Tablets are great pieces of technology because they give users the ability to either work on them or to enjoy high quality media viewing experiences. Just imagine how good Netflix shows are going to look on a 12.9-inch bezel less iPad Pro. In addition, Apple’s next generation tablet will surely be equipped with the company’s revolutionary A11 Bionic Fusion chipset that’s going to make Face ID and augmented reality possible.