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Next Google Phone Might Be in Collaboration With Lenovo Under Project Tango


CES 2016 proved to be a big turning point in the tech world this year.

A lot of new innovations were seen and the remaining days are expected to be even more exciting.

Google and Lenovo also put forth a completely new venture to launch a new smart phone at this convention.

Termed as project Tango, this venture will also include the services of Qualcomm; so the basics are quite clear.

It will be a Lenovo phone, running on Android with a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip.

But what is Project Tango actually? Project Tango is actually a technology that will power the future smartphones.

With this technology, your phone will be able to check where it actually has been before, especially indoors.

It will study the surroundings with the use of computer vision that would be quite advanced, have the ability to sense depth and track movements, thus being able to produce a 3D experience on screen, which will further enable a user to explore the area around him with his device if need be.

It is very possible that you can map your own home, or if you are a developer, you can use the mapping of your room to create a game level or even create virtual reality versions of the place.

This is something that will change the face of the world and will help you navigate around buildings, like shopping malls and museums.

Developers will have a completely new platform to show off their app developing skills and their creative streak with the project.

The Californian giant has asked the developers to start working on their ideas, which they would need to submit before mid February, that is 15th of February, 2016.

The link where they can submit it is https://www.google.com/atap/project-tango/app-incubator.

For this, the developer would need to have access to the Project Tango developers kit. This kit is available at the following link –


The instructions and all the know how to proceed for this is also available. For this, developers would have to visit this link: http://g.co/ProjectTango/AppIncubator.

The Project Tango is being headed by Google employee Johnny Lee. He will be assisted by his team Google. Chen Xudong, Lenovo President and Seshu Madhavapeddy, Product management VP from Qualcomm have both expressed great joy over the move.