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Nextbit Robin to Launch A Smartphone in Mobile World Congress 2016


With the Mobile World Congress around the corner there are a lot of Smartphones that are expected to hit the market and reports are surfacing all over the Internet about  the new  handsets that are going to be launched in the event.

A lot of new brands are being expected and they would all be phones from mid to high range.

There are some devices like the nextbit robin that are among the new devices that would be seen in this mobile world Congress.

Big brands like Samsung and LG generally send out invitations for the users to attend their events this year Samsung and LG have already sent out the invitations for their events in MWC.

We have the Mobile World Congress 2016 taking place in Barcelona this year it would be held from the 22nd to the 25th February 2016.

The focus of this post however is not on the Big brands but on the smaller and less known brands that would be launching their products for this year.

One of the new brands that deserve mention is the Nextbit robin. This device was first seen in September 2015 as a part of the Kick starter project the device is an Android based device entrance its latest version that is Android Marshmallow the next with robin would be a little different as compared to the other smartphones that we see today.

The difference is not in terms of design but in terms of the way it uses storage without 32 GB of internal memory the device provide us with a lot of cloud storage management capacities.

This could be the future of the mobile devices from externally expandable mobiles we could be going to mobiles that would support cloud storage completely.

Apart from the unique way the device handles storage the next with robin also comes with good internal specification at the heart of the device processing power is length by the Snapdragon 808 processor it also has a screen that measures 5.2 inches asides 13 megapixels worth of rear camera 3 GB RAM, 2680 m a h battery and front facing double speakers important features to look out for.

If this is not enough then fingerprint scanner and fast charge facilities can be important notice for you to buy this phone it also comes in a colour palette that you would love to choose from

At the moment not much is known about this phone all about its exact release dates but we are sure to see it in the Mobile World Congress and might be able to buy it soon after.


  1. That phone does look awesome, but I’ll keep my BlackBerry PRIV, though I’m interested in what Nextbit does.

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