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Nexus 5X Price Slashed By 30 Dollars


The holiday season is almost on the brink of getting over but Google seems to be still in the mood of giving.

The Californian giant is ready to make all the dreams of Nexus lovers come true – it has been generous enough to give the brand’s latest creation, the Nexus 5X a price cut.

The device in question will now have a $30 discount causing the prices of the 16 GB model to plummet to $349.

The 32 GB version has also faced a similar fate and will now have the prices pegged at $399. In a recent report by Android Central and PCmag, Google will not shy away from making this a long time promotion.

Although they are not very sure of how long the offer would be available, the news sources have claimed that the offer would stick on for quite some time. The discounts can be available from the Google store.

This is not all. The company also makes an offer of free delivery to your door step as long as your demands are not immediate.

This would also add to how much you save because you don’t have to pay any shipping charges. If you are a person who is always looking to get more than what is offered then Google Nexus 5X  is your way to go.

This is because apart from the shipping discount and the $30 waiver, the company will also provide you a 90 day free subscription to Google music, on the purchase of a Nexus 5X or a Nexus 6P.

There is but one condition, you must redeem the offer latest by April 18th. Needless to say, you must be a first time subscriber to Google music.

The Nexus 5X has been very ell received by the audience. The phone was launched back in September 2015 and people were very excited to see its features. Its 5.2 inch screen is an HD LCD display with good resolution.

It comes with a 12.3 MP rear camera and it’s front camera is also capable of high definition picture capture. The USB C type port is a new addition to this device and users will enjoy shooting 4K videos with this phone.


  1. “Slashed” and “plummet” are not the right words to describe a price reduction of less than 10%. Or less than 50%.

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