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Nexus Users on Android Marshmallow Report Google synchronize problems


If your Nexus smartphone has problems while fetching notifications from Gmail, Calendar, and different apps, you are not alone. Many Nexus users on Android 6.0 Marshmallow or on top are facing problems in Google synchronization on their device.

Many users have taken to Google’s support forum, Reddit, and AOSP hunter page to report a difficulty on their Nexus device that’s leading to late or missing of notifications for Gmail and different Google apps and services. The number of complains’ are at a widespread outage.

According to the reports Nexus is working on this issue and will severally ensure the problem as they have a tendency to face an analogous issue on a check Nexus 6 smartphone. Notifications from Gmail often take hours before appearance on the device. Many Nexus 6P users have additionally rumored the problem. It’s worth mentioning that not all the users are facing the problem.

While Google is nevertheless to acknowledge the problem, some folks believe that the flaw may be stemming from the Doze feature. The headline feature that was introduced with Android 6.0 Marshmallow suspends bound tasks within the background in an endeavor to avoid wasting battery.

Several users noted that disabling Gmail and a few different Google apps and services from battery optimization apparently fixes the problems.

This is that the answer that has to be at the highest. Gmail is obtaining dozed, inflicting synchronize to urge disabled. Simply take away it from battery optimization and every one problem ought to be resolved, according to the reports. Kind of feels like the outline for Doze’s approach to battery life normally, is as per report.

Since there is no damage making an attempt on it, if you are facing an analogous flaw on your device, you would possibly additionally need to get rid of Gmail (and the other app compact with the issue) still as Google Play Services from Doze.

To do this, open app drawer, head to Settings and choose Battery. Click the three-dot button context menu and head to Battery optimization. Click on Gmail and choose do not optimise choice. Repeat an equivalent with the other compact app.

This is not the sole issue Android 6.0 Marshmallow has caused within the past few months. Some user rumored last month that the system which enter their device was enigmatically running slow.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow additionally caused some devices to point out washed out colors. The recent Androiod 6.0.1 Marshmallow update, that introduced the newest emojis and glued many bugs, reportedly additionally introduced a replacement bug – inflicting the ‘Until Next Alarm’ feature from don’t Disturb to disappear.