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Niantic Is Cutting Rare Candy Rewards By Half And Increasing Them In Battle League


Recent Niantic announcements show that Rare Candy payouts in Raid Battles will be reduced, while they will be increased in the GO Battle League. Rare Candy, Incense & Incubators, as well as other hard-to-obtain goods, are crucial to gameplay in Pokémon GO. While the materials may be obtained via Special Research missions and as prizes for combat in the game, their distribution isn’t equal. Because of this, people who do not wish to engage in some gaming components may be badly affected.

In an effort to fulfill Niantic’s strategy for Pokémon GO in 2022, various adjustments have been announced and implemented in recent months. The Community Day timings have been slashed by 50%, and the Incense element spawning rates have been tweaked to be most efficient when a player is moving about the world. To encourage players to go outside and play the game with their friends, the adjustments also unjustly harm people who are unable to reach metropolitan regions in their community or are often unable to engage securely because of problems like the current epidemic.

NianticHelp revealed on Twitter that the amount of Rare Candy awarded in Raid Battles would be “slightly lowered,” but the amount awarded in the GO Battle League will be “slightly boosted.” If you want to get your hands on rare candy, you’re going to have to engage in the GO Battle League, which is what Niantic calls “tuning the opportunity.” The GO Battle League will not really appeal to everyone since many gamers appreciate the battle-and-catch part of Pokémon GO.

In the comments section of a recent Twitter post, several Pokémon GO players expressed their displeasure at being compelled to participate in the GO Battle League. The remarks highlight the problems in the modification and how it may have been engineered to help Pokémon GO rather than the user. Though it’s sure to be welcomed by Pokémon GO enthusiasts who like the competitive action, taking away prizes from other places will likely just generate irritation among those whom it adversely impacts.