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Ninja and Other Famous Streamers Team Up to Develop Their Own Battle Royale Game!


Ninja, TimTheTatman, and a number of other well-known gaming streamers are collaborating to create their own battle royale game within the Fortnite universe!

The number of content creators online has increased during the last ten years or so.

They now make up a significant part of how people play games since they offer a fun diversion from playing games like Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, or other well-known titles.

The streamers working on this have also gained such enormous popularity that game companies have begun to hire them to provide input on new releases and serve as an extension of and spokesperson for these gamers’ players.

At the same time, some of these streamers are attempting to develop their very own games since they don’t like how some releases have been handled in recent years.

These influencers are creating their own battle royale, 100 Thieves is developing its own shooter, and DrDisrespect established his own company with a lot of industry experts to create a new first-person shooter.

That’s right! Ninja, TimTheTatman,  CourageJD, Nickmercs, and SypherPK have revealed that they are developing a new battle royale game for Fortnite using the Unreal Editor.

Players may use this tool to create their own distinctive Fortnite experiences, and while Epic wasn’t the first to do so, it’s still one of the most comprehensive and enables some absolutely amazing creations that would lead you to believe they had no relation to Fortnite whatsoever.

Even so, this organization is developing Project V, a new battle royale, claiming to “know what makes a Battle Royale amazing.”

To learn more about the company’s broader strategy, check out a portion of their release below.

The group is now looking for developers to work inside UEFN.

The statement reads: “We will be taking our time to develop the game as features for UEFN become more powerful and more flexible. With custom weapons, a full-scale map, fluid movements and unique mechanics in our sights, we have some ambitious plans to build something truly unique. While we cannot give away too many details about the game yet, here is what we can now tell you: Project V will be a game that just puts community feedback front and center. We believe our players should have a say in shaping the game that they play.”

“The heart of Project V is our community, so we will need your feedback and votes in order to shape our game. To make sure that your voice is heard and to stay up to date on development, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to the newsletter! And if you share the same vision as a game developer, Fortnite creative expert, or just somebody who loves making games, check out our open roles to join the team!”


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