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Nintendo NX hungry fans waiting for its approval


To some fans’ excitement and to others’ disappointment, news regarding the future  Nintendo NX are mainly focused on the games that are being confirmed for the console and not on the official release date. For some people it’s definitely more important to find out a release date than to know more details about the console, such as its design, hardware etc.

And there’s no wonder that people are impatient, since the NX was rumored since 2015, while some reports show a possible launch in March 2017. Up until now, people believe that Nintendo NX will include a comfortable design with detachable controllers and it will compatible with a TV connection. Moreover, it seems that the console will also integrate augmented reality.

Fans have been trying to find out more information about the big announcement of the Nintendo NX and when is it going to be. The latest rumors and prediction claim that this will take place sometime in September. This means that it would come after the revealing of PS4 NEO, which is supposed to happen in the PlayStation Meeting on September 7 in New York.

People claim that we should also expect an announcement for the PS4 Slim console, though it’s just a speculation that a new handheld console will be released. Tom Phillips, who works as a deputy new editor at Eurogamer, tweeted that he is not aware of any change that intervened for the September plan, but that he does not know for sure and it remains to be seen. He also included a speculation according to which fans will get a Nintendo Direct and the press will receive a special event. However, this is just pure speculation and he hasn’t offered any new piece of information.


  1. Hahahahaha NVIDIA Tegra are a mobile , and what you want to said? You will try to said that PS4 or XBONE are a desktop devices??? hahahahaha. If it is true , both are the worst desktop device ever , a ultra low end devices. A decent desktop devices power are around 65 to 95 watts, and also on intell side for example will be overclocked to 4.2 at minimun . Of course i talk about hight end chips “K” Series. Some like the old 2500k can be overclocked easilly to 5ghz and performs several times not % than any of these two devices. My point? PS4 OR XBONE cant be called a desktop devices. So NVIDIA tegra will performs better than amd devices , depends of the customisation.

  2. I think Nintendo needs a kickass console and a kickass portable. Not a mixture of the two. I smell disaster upon the wind. I don’t see this hybrid going anywhere. Nintendo’s lack of courage to go up against Microsoft and Sony with a powerhouse console with excellent playability and titles to boot leaves me wondering whether or not the company will stay in the hardware business at all. Perhaps they should go the way of Atari and Sega and just deliver titles for the two commanding consoles instead.

  3. I hope it takes 30 minutes to boot up and start actual game play like the original Wii console. By the time you got the thing powered up and replaced the batteries in the remote, it was bedtime or time to leave for school.

  4. I’m a Wii owner, is it worth buying a Wii U purely for the release of ‘Zelda: Breath of the Wild’, when it’s possible that not long after, Nintendo won’t release many more “exciting” games post-release of the NX? Should I just wait for the NX?
    (BIG Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time/Majora’s Mask/Twilight Princess fan)

    • Zelda: Breath of the Wild will also be on Nintendo’s new platform, the NX. Might as well just purchase an NX rather than a Wii U at this point. Wii U is phased-out.

  5. “How will the NX be different”

    And to me, this is EXACTLY the wrong question to ask. The question everyone should be asking is how will the NX be the same as their competition? Parity is GOOD in the console market. Lack of standardization is why there were no quality 3rd party ports on Wii U, nor novel development projects by third parties. And it’s a damn shame because wii u offered tools that no one else had. But lacking in power and being made of proprietary crap with expensive, time consuming languages to learn killed them right out of the gate.

    That all coveted immersion effect is not a product of novel hardware like waggly controllers or dork helmets or touch screens. It’s a product of good software design. Nintendo sacrificed raw power for controller novelty in the wii u and look what it did! Likewise, both MS and Sony are making this same mistake with VR. A bunch of hype train children will buy them upfront and pee themselves on youtube vomiting about how “It’s teh few tours uf GAMEZES!”

    Three months later they’ll be in the same pile as the wii waggly controller, the Nintendo Virtual Boy, the Kinect, Playstation Move, and the power glove. I’ve given you examples of this SAME MISTAKE going all the way back to the 80s. Novel hardware does NOT mean anything if the core computer lacks processing power to enable novel software design, as is almost a guarantee in the console market where price point is a very set thing.

    And until all of these people learn that, the console market is dead in the water as it has been for the last half decade. Failure to learn from the past has doomed you to carbon copy shooters, on rails zelda games, hallways style “level design” (If you can even call it “design” at this point, not sure “a line” actually qualifies.), and and empty wallet who’s contents was exchanged for gizmos that began collecting dust very shortly after they were purchased.

    Figure it out people.

  6. NX is the codename – that may change. Just get the new Nintendo system which launches in March 2017.

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