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Nokia 230 – Cheapest Phone For Selfie Lovers


Nokia phones from the early 2000s remain in history for their simplicity and high performance for the moment. Despite the fact that Nokia no longer develop phones, the products division of the Finnish company still exists within Microsoft and brings to the market the Lumia smartphones, but also new “feature phones” with increasingly “smart” functions. The 230 is a direct descendant of Nokia phones now more than 10 years and can become a very attractive phone backup.

Even if the last ten years we started talking more about operating systems, RAM and processors when we talk about mobiles, Nokia 230 reminds us of a easier time, the screen resolution and camera resolution were enough to choose a phone or another. Since this is a feature phone, we cannot talk about a modern operating system, the new Nokia being built around the old S40 platforms. It provides access to several popular social networking applications, as well as simple 2D games. Connected to the internet, the phone has access to Facebook, MSN Weather, Bing Search, Opera Mini browser and Twitter, possibly installing several other simple applications on demand.

Of course, the display of 2.8″ with 320×240 resolution is not optimal for your browsing or socializing on Facebook, but in the absence of an alternative one, can help you doing your job, even if its use is harder. Being a phone was launched in the “selfie” era, it has two sensors of 2 megapixel camera, both equipped with glash, which should produce decent photos for publication on social networks. There is support for microSD cards, and a model that can use two SIM cards. All of this is integrated in a housing made of plastic and metal.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrZs6hJ-1b4]

The price for the new Nokia 230 is $55 without a contract, scheduled for launch before the end of 2015 in emerging markets like India, Asia and the Middle East. Microsoft has confirmed an worldwide launch, but it will come after 2016.