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Now You Can Buy Stellar Lumens (XLM) At BuyBitcoin With Indian Rupees


Cryptocurrencies are really good at making consumers uncomfortable and with the rough news over the last few week’s, that should not be surprising. Stellar Lumens have been quite the topic for discussion as of late and news that you can buy it on BuyBitcoins.com is going to be even better for it. The more places that you can get your hands on a cryptocurrency, the better option it will have to boost value.

Buy Stellar XLM with Indian Rupees

Besides the fact that digital currency values are changing on a daily basis, the other news reports hit the web regarding where you can buy the next virtual currency. With exchanges popping up all over the world, the option pool is getting much larger. Partnering with IBM was a great move for Stellar, but now that you can buy the crypto with Indian Rupees is even better news.

At BuyBitcoins you can use your Indian Rupees to purchase Stellar Lumens, according to the latest reports online. This might be just the news needed to bump Stellar higher than the 8th ranking on CoinMarketCap.

Other Deals In The Works For Stellar

After watching all of the digital currencies move over the last few months, it certainly looks like Stellar is the strongest investment. Having one of the most secure networks and partnering up with large companies like IBM, Stellar has all good things coming down the pipeline.

Non-profit organizations and businesses are looking to use Stellar as a financial system which is great news. The platform will also be integrating with Vumi, which is an open-source messaging application.

With all of the good news coming out about Stellar, the news cycle should be fun to watch in regards to the others that have been trying to keep up with it. Ripple, Litecoin and Cardano are all trying to keep up and by the looks of it, that will not be easy.