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NVIDIA Shield K1 – The First non-Nexus Tablet with Android 6.0 Marshmallow



The adoption rate of new versions of Android is usually pretty slow, but it is much faster on mobile than on tablets. So far only models from the Nexus range of tablets received the software update to the latest version of Android, the 6.0. The K1 Shield tablet appears to be the first non-Nexus tablet that will make the transition to the new operating system, NVIDIA presenting it in a video clip with Android 6.0 installed.

Shield K1 Tablet is the tablet model of from NVIDIA launched last year with the Tegra K1 chipset. It was presented as a tablet dedicated to gamers, but has not enjoyed much commercial success in market areas where it was sold. One of the reasons that it didn’t attracted many supporters, was the limited time usage time on a single charge, K1 chipset’s power is directly proportional to the level of energy consumption. Curiously, however,is that NVIDIA has chosen to do an Android 6.0 demonstration on  Shield K1Tablet and not on Shield X1Tablet, based on a later chipset.

Android 6.0 available on the NVIDIA tablet is quite authentic, very few changes being made to the core experience. Basically, we are dealing with an experience similar to that on a Nexus device, except that there are several preinstalled NVIDIA applications. It is about access to the GeForce Now service, a new version of Camera Shield and applications like Shield Console Mode, Shield Accessories and Shield Hub. Also the functions App Permissions, Now on Tap, Doze and the opportunity to expand the applications space with a microSD card are included by default in the version of Android 6.0 that will be available on Tablet K1 Shield.

There is no information about a release date, but adapting the Android 6.0 operating system to NVIDIA Shield tablets seems to be at a fairly advanced stage.


  1. Nice. How thrilling that Nvidia spent its efforts on an older, discontinued model that was subject to a recall from batteries catching fire. Not on current shield tv’s and tablets based on the x1. As a current customer of the shield tv, I’m honored to continue using 5.1 and not having access to most of the apps and games in the Play store due to lack of compatibility.

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