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Oculus VR, Amazon Makes Errors On Sony PlayStation VR Pricing


The internet was recently faced with a lot of news about the Oculus VR CEO and Founder Palmer Luckey making a goof up on the Oculus VR Price estimation.

Just as this subsided, we have another major goof up on pricing of VR accessories, this time by Amazon.

The e-commerce giant failed to quote the price of the PlayStation VR correctly in Canada.

One week after Oculus Rift preorders were announced, PlayStation VR was also introduced on Amazon.com in Canada and the prices were shown to be almost $800 (US).

In CAD, it was pegged at $1125.35, which was again, not correct. The mistake was immediately rectified and the page remained, but the prices were removed.

In a recent report by Forbes, it was explained that this had been a major mistake on the part of Amazon.com and thus the fix was delivered instantly.

This was criticized by Sony fans and by the organization itself, as the price quoted was $200 more than that of the Oculus VR, making the latter the first choice of users.

No one would pay $200 more to get the same features, so they would move to the other device.

Critics have said that this was more than just coincidental to have something like this forwarded to the website at a time when the competition was tense.

Amazon has stayed tight-lipped about this error to the media, but it is clear that the company does not really have any intention of making Sony look puny in front of the company.

This might really have been just coincidence.

In fact, all foul play should be really ruled out, because Sony has no plans of accepting any preorders right now, nor does it plan to launch the device in this quarter. Releases would be done only in the second quarter.

The device was shown off in the CES 2016 and did get a lot of praises.

There were other competitors like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Microsoft Hololens and others.

Hopefully, Sony will come up with technology that will be able to compete against these.