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Oculus VR CEO Claims His Headset Is Better Than The Sony PlayStation VR


Remember when CEO Palmer Luckey made a mistake in quoting the price?

The young businessman and mastermind behind the Oculus VR very conveniently forgot to mention that for normal users, the price of the headset would be much higher than what he had quoted.

What he actually mentioned as $600 was only the headset price; he never mentioned that the price that he felt was in the ballpark was not inclusive of the monstrous PC that one would have to buy in order to run the device.

Well, his revised statement that contained his admittance of the mistake he made, put the new device at the high range of $1500, which includes the cost of the gaming PC as well.

Well, now the CEO has to compete against the HTC Vive and mostly, the PlayStation VR.

After Amazon made a huge goof up by quoting the price of the Sony VR headset to be only $800, the bar has risen too high for Luckey.

Most people are more attracted towards the Sony VR, not only because they have been in the gaming sector for a long time, but also because these guys know what they are doing.

There is also a chance that the number of games would be much higher than what Oculus has to offer to users, but definitely, there would be more advancements.

To top it, users do not really have to buy a PC to support the device, but can just link it to their PS4 and use it.

This would actually make the price of the PlayStation VR almost $700 less than what one would actually have to spend for Oculus VR.

To cover up, Luckey says that PlayStation VR headsets are not as good as the Oculus. Sounds like Palmer is a little intimidated by his competitor, don’t you think?

Experts have not really commented too much about the prowess of the PlayStation VR but we all know how the Oculus has been reviewed.

Most of them have tried the Oculus Rift and the Oculus Touch, but to be candid, no one has mentioned that the Oculus VR system is out of the ordinary.

It is just a little above average and comes with limited number of games.

We would nevertheless put out bets on the PlayStation VR and even the HTC Vive Pre that is coming in collaboration with Valve, but for the Oculus it seems like it will have a tough time competing.