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Oculus VR CEO Palmer Luckey Admits Miscommunication On Rift Price – And Gets Flaked By Irate Users


Excited users were getting ready to buy the VR headset, Oculus Rift, manufactured by Oculus VR.

The company had conveyed that the price of the device was within the acceptable range of the previous development kit that was at $350. Apparently, they were wrong.

The company’s estimates placed the price of the Oculus Rift at $599, which made users really annoyed.

They are irate about the kind of wrong estimate that the company had done and told them that the prices would be within the acceptable range of $350. $599 was a huge jump that they were not yet prepared to handle.

This caused many users to write quite bitterly on blogs and on other sources of the internet.

The critics claimed that the kind of VR quality that the device was bringing forth was not really of an exceptional quality and that the price that was being put on the device was not very fair.

They also mentioned that the device was not really worth $599 and that it was something that only those who were more inclined towards buying flashy stuff would like.

Anyone who looks at utility would not really like the product at all.

As per the critics, the device should not cost more than $200. However, the company has explained that the kind of device that Oculus is, deserves the price tag they have put on the device.

Nevertheless there was a lot of criticism because the same was revealed just on the day when the pre-orders were supposed to come into play.

To this negative view, the CEO of the company, Palmer Luckey explained that they had no intention of making a miscommunication, and had his own explanation of stating the price.

He said that when he mentioned within the acceptable range, he meant that the device would be $599 which is much less than the $1500, that the company had expected a package of a VR and a strong PC would cost the users.

The company’s headset is not just something you plug in and keep playing, the device that it requires to run is a rather powerful device and when prices were estimated, it was done keeping in mind the total investment a user might have to make in getting the set.

Luckey apologized and mentioned that he had ‘handled communication poorly’.