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Oculus VR : Oculus Touch Release Date Pushed Back To Quarter 2 Of 2016


Bad news for all Oculus VR fans – although you really wanted to see the Oculus touch in CES 2016, looks like Oculus will not be able to churn it out for you in time.

Oculus VR, the brand that is going to bring us the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset was also in the process of coming up with another device called the Oculus touch.

The Oculus touch comprises two semi circular devices that you can wear in both your hands, and these are connected to the headset you are wearing.

The controllers make you feel like there are really a set of hands that you possess in the virtual world that allow you to execute a lot of functions, including shooting or throwing a ball.

The controllers, often referred to as half moon prototypes are connected to the main head set and the other controller through infra red LEDs.

This enables them to pick up hand movements even better and just like a mouse knows where the cursor is, the controllers will know where to point in the 3D world that you are peering into.

The controllers come with joystick type analog stick on the upper side, along with two buttons. Under the controller, there is a button that acts as a trigger and there is another that will help you grip the controller.

The trigger is to be operated with the index finger and the other, that is the grip is to be operated with your middle finger.

The stick and the top buttons can be caught with the thumb. The device has an amazing performance and experts who tried it have been all praises about the effortless controls the Oculus touch has.

However, it would not be sold with the Oculus Rift, people would need to buy the Oculus Touch separately.

The Oculus touch however, as mentioned, will be delayed. CEO and founder of Oculus, Palmer Luckey explained how the company intended to take a little more time to perfect the responsiveness of the device and to make sure that the hand movements are recognized even better.

Palmer confirmed that people would have a lot of time to pre order the controllers, so that the company could gauge how to proceed in terms of quantity of production.

He mentioned that their primary focus would be have the Oculus Rift made available by Quarter 1 of 2016, after which they would start with the Oculus touch and make it available by Quarter 2 of 2016.