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OKEx Supports Tron (TRX)’s Main Net Token Swap – Here Are Tron’s Super Representative Election Candidates


The official website of OKEx revealed support for the Tron network with TRX token swap which is set to begin on June 21. They confirmed that they would support and said that the technical issues would be taken care of after the registration os the TRX tokens will be completed.

Tron’s CEO and founder Justin Sun, has also tweeted about this new addition to their community on 28th of May.

It seems that users will not be allowed to deposit or withdraw their TRX during the process of the swap.

All services will resume only after the stabilization of TRX official Main Net launch on 31st of May.

OKEx provides fully-integrated services for blockchain projects

OKEx is one of the most trusted platforms for digital currencies exchanges that include Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

It boasts an intuitive user interface that allows users to trade token with fiat currencies much more straightforward. It also provides fully-integrated services for the blockchain projects.

The OKEx network will generate a new TRX deposit address after the token swap is fully completed.

It’s highly important to use the new address in order to prevent any asset losses. The company also added a Risk Warning notice in their announcement.

Tron’s network has the most reliable network structure and user assets.

Applications have a vast variety of deployment methods on Tron, and they have also considerably increased its user ratings with a massive number of supporters.

In June, just weeks after the Main Net’s launch, Tron’s supporters will facilitate token swaps.

After that, we’re looking forward to the elections of their Super Representatives scheduled for 26th June, and the candidate names are announced on Sun’s Twitter page.

Tron’s Super Representative election candidates 

  • AntPool
  • Cryptoguyinza
  • GSC
  • FreeSpace
  • Bitcoin God
  • Bixin
  • GSC
  • com
  • Node Capital
  • AlphacoinFund
  • Next Genius
  • READ
  • Punch
  • Infinity Stones
  • 34rth
  • Odyssey [OCN]
  • BitcoinWorld
  • DAC
  • CryptoDiva
  • ChainDD
  • DAG
  • MDT
  • OK Blockchain Capital
  • RightBTC
  • Hyperpay
  • Cobo
  • Skypeople
  • Zhu Yuanyuan
  • Tron Europe
  • Sesameseed
  • Genesis
  • Lianjinshu
  • Treamtronics

Tron has a lot of plans in store and we can’t wait to see them completed.