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One Plus Two Price To Be Reduced Permanently


When you are a phone maker who does not sell its phones in a store you have to be well prepared to face all the odds. You have to remember that they are other handsets out there that are easily accessible to users without any referral schemes.

This is something that one plus Smartphone makers have been able to realize in order to have most people by their new handset the one plus 2,the company has announced that the price of the device will be cut on a permanent basis.

One plus has a habit of selling its devices through a scheme that involves invitations. For example if you have received an invitation to buy the phones you can buy one for yourself and invite someone else to buy it that way the second person who was the third one and so on this is the way to 1 class first phone that is the one plus one got sold.

However, the company was smart enough to do away with this invite scheme for its second phone that is the one plus 2. The company has now for the made its policies better in terms of marketing its second device by lowering the prices by $40.

According to sources over the Internet the phone is now available for 3 $49 Only which is about $40 less and this price would continue to stay for a long time. Some sources even claim that this change could be a permanent one.

Although it is very evident that this policy has been introduced in order to combat the competition from the various other Smartphone brands, according to one plus company the need to come up with something like this is only because they believe that great things should be shared.

The company has become even more generous; if you have recently purchased the one plus two and are not very happy with the offer being released after your purchase then you are in luck.

This is because the Chinese Smartphone maker would be providing a dollar 40 refund to anyone who has been able to buy this mobile within the last fortnight. So if you have purchased this phone in 15 days then you are eligible to fall under this offer.

Asides, users of one plus  devices will now be able to receive a free style swap cover or One plus X  case for free along with their new orders.

For now  these phones are available online including the One Plus X, that is priced at $232 only.