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OnePlus 5 4G Is The Definition Of Not Settling – Huge Discounts Available


When it comes to today’s smartphones, there sure are a lot of savory models available on the store shelves. Numerous high end designs that are both a pleasure to behold as well as they are formidable when used. However, most of them are gated behind a pretty spicy price tag. That’s why many smartphone consumers feel trapped in a corner when it comes to buying a new phone. Either they turn their wallets inside out and sacrifice their savings for the good phone, or they keep most of their money but get a really lousy impression of what a good phone looks like.

Well, these aren’t the only available options on the market. You can find great devices at affordable prices if you just look close enough. In other words, that’s where the OnePlus 5 4G comes in. Never Settle, the famous OnePlus motto has never rang truer than with the OnePlus 5 4G which caters to those who don’t want to spend a fortune in order to fall in love with a smartphone.

Of course, most of you are probably interested in more concrete details about the device, so we’re going to jump straight into the specifications for this one:

Sleek design

The design scheme is pretty straightforward. It is very simplistic, with a sleep and empty front panel featuring nothing but the gorgeous display and one big button which fits in nicely at the bottom of the frame. On the back, however, there are more things to explore, with the dual camera and LED sitting proudly on the very top of the frame, and the OnePlus logo present on the middle of the panel. Its default black color adds to the overall classy vibe this phone puts out.

Powerful configuration

Underneath the class act lies a powerful beast that will threaten any challenger that crosses its path. To be more specific, there’s an octa core processing unit in there branded Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. The 10nm chip is clocked to a max of 2.45 GHz, and is paired with the Adreno 540 graphics processor.

In terms of memory, there are options for 64 GB of internal storage and a whopping 128 GB, which means that each user can manage their expectations accordingly. In terms of RAM, there are also two versions, one offering 6 GB and the other 8 GB. The RAM variants are tied to the internal storage options.

Built for endurance

It’s not just about having the best components but also being able to keep them running throughout the day. Battery life is a permanent concern for smartphone manufacturers and their users, so knowing that the OnePlus 5 4G offers a safe and stable experience all throughout the day thanks to its 3300 mAh battery unit is definitely a plus.