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OnePlus 5 accused for cheating in benchmark tests

OnePlus 5
OnePlus 5

After months of leaks and rumors, the Chinese company has finally launched their flagship phone OnePlus 5 this Tuesday. The launch event mainly focused on six areas – Design, Camera, Charging, Smooth experience, Oxygen OS, and Continuous improvement. OnePlus has excelled in all these areas, integrating all the latest powerful hardware and software into the OnePlus 5, while still maintaining the budget-friendly price point.

However, after a few hours prior to the launch, devs at XDA Developers have said that OnePlus is cheating when it comes to benchmark results of the flagship phone. The developers claim that the review units sent by the company contain code that can manipulate benchmark test scores.

OnePlus sent OP5 review units to XDA Developers around ten days ago on an agreement that they weren’t allowed to report on the device before the official launch. The website also mentions that the Oxygen OS these phones are running was found to be altered to produce higher scores in benchmark tests.

“This is an inexcusable move, because it is ultimately an attempt to mislead not just customers, but taint the work of reviewers and journalists with misleading data that most are not able to vet or verify. As a result, every OnePlus 5 review citing benchmark scores as an accolade of the phone’s success is misleading both writers and readers, and performance analyses based on synthetic benchmarks are invalidated. What is worse is that, this time around, the cheating mechanism is blatant and aimed at maximizing performance, unlike last time which did not increase scores by much on average, but did reduce variance and thermal throttling,”, says Mario Tomas Serrafero of XDA Developers. 

Nevertheless, OnePlus has addressed the situation saying that they have done so as to display the performance potential of the device and not to cheat. The official statement from the company reads, “People use benchmark apps in order to ascertain the performance of their device, and we want users to see the true performance of the OnePlus 5. Therefore, we have allowed benchmark apps to run in a state similar to daily usage, including the running of resource intensive apps and games. Additionally, when launching apps the OnePlus 5 runs at a similar state in order to increase the speed in which apps open. We are not overclocking the device, rather we are displaying the performance potential of the OnePlus 5.

This isn’t the first time OnePlus is being caught for manipulating the benchmark results. They were previously discovered to be doing the same on OnePlus 3T, which allowed certain apps to keep CPU running at higher frequencies even if there was no load. Primate Labs then built a special version of GeekBench 4, so it could test the OnePlus 3T and prove the cheat.