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OnePlus 6 Updates – R11, Fingerprint Scanner and New Changes


Some of you may definitely know that OnePlus has a parent organization called BBK Electronics, a noteworthy Chinese producer which additionally makes Oppo, Vivo smartphones. These telephones are only for China and India, just a single OnePlus has figured out how to make its appearance all around. Nonetheless, every one of these organizations shares a similar design language.

R11 to rouse other devices?

A year ago, Oppo propelled their lead R11 smartphone. The plan of this phone was later found to rouse the OnePlus 5. Following that, the Oppo R11s was likewise found to rouse OnePlus’ present lead, too – the OnePlus 5T.

What’s more, now, some leaks about Oppo’s flagship R15 have surfaced on the web.

The leaks propose a model that shows a plan strikingly similar to iPhone X. The telephone boasts bezel-less display alongside the notch, which appears to hold a front camera sensor and an earpiece grill. The bezels are pretty smaller, like the ones on iPhone X.

The fingerprint scanner will be placed on the back

Be that as it may, the build proposes that the organization will adhere to its old design language, particularly with the horizontally deformed dual camera setup. Dissimilar to the iPhone X, which dumped the fingerprint sensor, this telephone is indicated to wear a fingerprint scanner at the back, which implies the Oppo R15 won’t highlight an on-screen fingerprint scanner.

Subsequently, will the OnePlus 6 wear similar aesthetics?

The past has demonstrated that the R-series of Oppo cellphones have roused the OnePlus leaders enormously. The main conceivable distinction that we hypothesize that OnePlus will put in their flagship is the fact that they might add a Snapdragon 845 chipset with 8GB or 10GB worth of RAM and 256GB of local storage available.

Will the R15 bring forth the exceptionally expected OnePlus 6? We cannot wait to find out.