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OnePlus 6T Will Feature New Bullets V2 USB Type-C Headphones


We previously reported that OnePlus 6T was listed as available for pre-order by mistake. This is a big marketing mistake from OnePlus, but on the bright side, we got to see what the new flagship smartphone looks like before it was announced.

Furthermore, the company behind OnePlus 6T realized that the smartphone is not a secret anymore and decided to announce something quite important about it. OnePlus 6T will not feature a 3.5mm auxiliary jack!

Removed Auxiliary Jack

Apple started the trend of removing the classic 3.5mm auxiliary jack a couple of years ago, and now, other companies are following. Even though this might sound like bad news for most OnePlus fans because it means they won’t be able to connect their headphones anymore, OnePlus decided to announce today that its next-generation smartphone will ship with a special pair of USB Type-C headphones to make up for the removal the 3.5mm auxiliary jack.

New Bullet v2 Headphones

The new headphones that OnePlus 6T will ship with are called Bullets v2 and they will sell for RS. 1,499 which means that they are more expensive than the original Bullets by Rs. 300. Nonetheless, the headphones are going to be priced at $19.99 in the US.

OnePlus announced that the new headphones will feature USB Type-C compatibility and that they are being paired with a high-end DAC made by Ciruss Logic.

Bullets v2 will also feature signal-to-noise ratio. The addition of USB Type-C technology also means that Bullets v2 will be able to offer a better audio quality than the previous headphones.

The better audio quality is the biggest benefit that USB Type-C brings and its why big tech companies are choosing to remove the classic 3.5mm auxiliary jack. Nonetheless, OnePlus 6T is scheduled to launch in November and that’s when we will find out more information.