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Opera Beta 46.0.2246.126690 Update Adds Stability and Usability Improvements


There are tens of Android mobile browsers that provide people with a premium web surfing experience. However, there aren’t that many which can even compare to the level of services that Opera offers. This browser has been developed with the sole purpose of giving Android fans a safe, fast and enjoyable way of exploring the web.

Opera Browser

This browser is renowned for the plethora of features that it offers, but that’s not the best thing about it. The thing that makes Opera truly special is that its constantly evolving and getting better. The developers who are in charge of Opera have created a beta program and they use it to get feedback from their users which helps them introduce bug fixes, new features and software tweaks that take Opera’s performance to the next level.

Beta 46.0.2246.126690 Update

Talking about new updates, the beta edition of Opera has just received a brand-new patch which sports the 46.0.2246.126690 build number. This update is focused solely on improving the browser’s performance and making it more stable.

With that being said, no one should be surprised to find out that this latest Opera update contains a handful of bug fixes which make sure that the browser never crashes. Not only that, but the browser’s usability has also been enhanced through the addition of a bunch of improvements.

Highlight Features

While the fast rate that Opera is receiving new update is impressive, the thing that makes Opera a great browser for Android fans is its large array of features. First off, this browser ships with in-build adblocker. This is a great feature that most other browser don’t have. Moving on, Opera browser features a smart news feed which has been designed to give users the ability to read all the latest and most relevant news in one single panel.