Home Apps Opera Mini for Nokia Asha Receives New 7.1 Software Update

Opera Mini for Nokia Asha Receives New 7.1 Software Update


Not everyone is able to afford high-end smartphones such as Samsung’s latest Galaxy S9 flagship. However, this doesn’t mean that people who own mid-tier smartphones should not receive a premium user experience and access to all the apps they need.

Take for example the Nokia Asha lineup of smartphones which despite being quite old, there are many app developers who keep releasing software updates for them.

Opera Mini for Nokia Asha

Nokia Asha owners should be happy to know that Opera Mini is being optimized to better run on these smartphones. Opera Mini is a great browser that offers a high-end user experience which makes web surfing more enjoyable. Nonetheless, let’s go over this latest Opera Mini for Nokia Asha update.

Latest Opera Mini 7.1 Update

The developers behind Opera Mini have decided to roll out a brand-new update which is going to make the browser run much faster than usual. The update sports the 7.1 version number and it’s packed with tons of cool features. With that being said, let’s see what this new update brings.

Improved Performance and Graphics

The most important features that Opera Mini receives through this latest update are improved graphics. Opera Mini looks much better now and the UI (user interface) has been optimized to feature “Tabs” which will be presented on the home screen layout.

In addition, the developers have also made sure to include some software tweaks which improve the browser’s loading speed. Considering how the hardware specs that Nokia Asha smartphones offer are outdated, this boost in loading speed is going to be well received by all Nokia Asha smartphone owners.

Moving on, we need to mention that this is a lightweight update which weighs in at 313Kb. Therefore, Nokia Asha smartphone owners won’t need to delete anything from their smartphones in order to make room for it.