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Opera Mini Latest 32.0.2254.123747 APK Update is Now Live


While Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox might be known as the two most popular choices when it comes to browsers, this doesn’t mean that people don’t have any other choice. For example, Opera Mini offers the same fast performances, stability and features while weighing in at only a couple of MB which makes it ideal for smartphones.

Opera Mini 32.0.2254.123747 APK

Even though Opera Mini is renowned for its fast performances and amazing smartphone integration, the best thing about it is the amount of updates it receives. The mobile browser is constantly bombarded with new updates that more than often include new features and software tweaks that bring its performances to the next level.

The latest version of Opera Mini sports the “32.0.2254.123747” build number and the APK edition of the update is available right now. We should mention that APK (Android Package Kit) updates are exclusive to Android smartphone owners and that they need to manually download and install them on their devices.

Furthermore, there is another thing that Android users must do before being able to install APK updates. We are talking about enabling the “Install apps from unknown sources” feature which is always located deep inside the Settings panel of all smartphones.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

Nonetheless, the reason why this latest APK is considered a top priority for all Opera Mini users is because it introduces a handful of software tweaks that will make the browser run faster than ever. Things get even better though since the APK update is also filled with bug fixes that care of annoying issue and prevent other problems for appearing in the first place.

With that being said, Opera Mini users who love surfing the web and who want to make sure that their browser is running at peak performance level should get the new APK update as soon as possible.