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Outlook for iOS Will Now Give Users a 3D Touch


Outlook is a mobile personal information manager for iOS, Android and Windows 10 devices.

Outlook is designed in four hubs for different tasks such as mail, calendar, files and people and outlook major function is to provide the user total security also with proper login credentials in a secure form on Amzon web services located in United States itself.

Outlook for iOS supports a large number of email services and various platforms including iCloud, Google apps, Gmail, outlook.com and Yahoo mail.

If we talk in terms of mails, then we can call Microsoft outlook the best platform for managing our inbox as it makes the unending burden of email more bearable, and today Microsoft gave us a new gift of 3D touch support.

iPhone6 and iPhone6S users can now press on the home screen icon to see options for sending an email more quickly and users may also add an calendar event or jump directly into the calendar view very quickly than before.

In couple of taps the users will be able to set up their meeting.

This new 3D support will be drawing cheers for the style of the user’s inboxes which will be easy to process even on smaller screens.

No other, 3D gesture is added anywhere else in the app and the users are limited to these actions from their home screen.

The classic days of the offices have gone by, as Microsoft has gone ahead and had made the printing of mail so easy through this update, that the users will love this new feature directly from their message view.

The days are passed when it made sense to print an email, but still if you are someone who is ready to deal with a blank and dead paper, then this new awesome feature is already waiting for you. Just make sure you consider surroundings before hitting the print button.