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Outlook Mail For iOS And Android Will Get New Features


Microsoft has recently announced a new update for its Outlook Mail app for iOS and Android. The company also revealed some of the improvements that will soon be put in the next update for the Outlook Mail app.

Microsoft decided to implement new features in its Outlook app for iOS and Android to keep up with the more popular and appreciated email providers’ apps, Gmail and Yahoo.

New features and enhancements for Outlook Mail for Android and iOS

  • Draft folder synchronization – We will be able to write a draft of an email message for example in our Outlook mobile app and resume it on other platforms like the web version of Outlook mail or in another mobile device where we log in with the same email account;
  • Office Lens technology in Outlook for Android – Will allow us to share details of a photo capture with a single touch as it will present a new icon that will help us to do this through office’s Lens;
  • Quick reply – Outlook will provide us with the ability to respond directly to the email as if it were a real-time chat;
  • Favorite contacts – As Outlook has already added the ability to identify favorite groups and folders, from now on we will also be able to tag favorite contacts to a send them emails faster;
  • OneNote in Outlook – Without having to leave Outlook Mail for iOS and Android, we will be able to edit and/or check OneNote directly within the Outlook app;
  • Blocking external content – Microsoft added new customizable filters which will prevent the display of images and other content suspected of being malicious;

Microsoft hasn’t announced when it will implement these new features in Outlook Mail for iOS and Android

Keep in mind that these are just a few of the new features that we will be added in the future Outlook Mail app updates.

Even though Microsoft hasn’t announced officially when the new features will be added, it suggested that the update for the Outlook Mail for iOS and Android will roll out in the next couple of months.