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Paid iPhone Applications That Are Now Free


For a limited time, some of the paid applications for iPhones and iPads are free and they can be downloaded from iTunes. We made a list of cool applications that you can install on your device, but you need to hurry up and grab them before they’re back to their normal prices.


Its normal price is $0.99. This is a timer that will make things easier for you when you’re doing two things simultaneously: cooking in the kitchen and working out in the living room. Instead of unlocking your phone and to check the time you have left before your food is ready, install this application and customize up to 5 timers with different intervals, use a different name and color for each alarm and double or knock on the screen to start and pause timer. You will be pre-alerted when the upcoming timer will end and tr prevent accidental tapping, you will loc/unlock interface.

Voice Notes Pro

The normal price is $6.99 and by using this application, you will add notes, tags, markers and photos and to dos to your audio recording. After adding files, you will archive recordings and share them.


Actually, this is a game that normally costs $5.99 and it’s about a character named Vlad that was born under the surface and who wants to touch the sky. You will take control of his environment by moving objects with different powers, collect artifacts and watch out for scary creatures. In total, there are 45 puzzles and you will use your brain to solve them.

BubbleText Keyboard

This $0.99 application is now free because it celebrates Gay Pride and users of a different sexual orientation will surely like to enhance their old iPhone or iPad keyboard, by typing in words or numbers surrounded by bubbles. In order to use this application, your device must run at least iOS 8.

Planet of Cubes: Multi Craft

This $0.99 MMO block building game is about teaming up with other players from across the globe and building things from scratch, with which you can chat in “View Distance”. Also, this is the place from where you will teleport to other players. In Planet of Cubes: Multi Craft, you will rent your own chunks and use seven themed skin packs.