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Paladins On Nintendo Switch Will Be Available On June 12th


Hi-Rez Studios has announced that Paladins on Nintendo Switch will be available on June 12th.

Paladins game is a cooperative MOBA first-person shooter, a mix of Blizzard’s successful Overwatch and Riot Games’ League of Legends.

What is most interesting about this announcement is that it came just before E3 2018, which will actually begin next week.

Many games will soon come on Nintendo Switch

A few days ago, many debates on the Internet discussed the possible leakage of a list of games that were being prepared for release on Nintendo Switch, including Paladins.

The official announcement of this game brings greater credibility to the list, which had already been successful with several of the rumors.

Among these leaked games are names like a new Star Fox title and even the arrival of the successful Fortnite battle royale on Nintendo Switch, one of the most eagerly awaited for the Nintendo console.

It has not yet been announced whether the game will require a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online, as it is a game based 100% on the online mode.

Paladins on Nintendo Switch will be available soon

At the moment, here is everything we know about Paladins on Nintendo Switch:

  • The cross-game has been confirmed only with Xbox One, although it is expected that it will also allow future PC users to play with it;
  • The size of the download package is 5.8 GB;
  • The recently announced Paladins event, Rise of Fury, will be coming to Nintendo Switch later this month;
  • The game runs on a custom Unreal Engine 3 port;
  • The content included is exactly the same as the other versions;

Paladins on Nintendo Switch will be available through the Nintendo eShop as a Founder’s Pack, available for $29.99.

In addition, a free version of Paladins has also been announced, without any of these extras, which will be available for the same console, Nintendo Switch, by the end of this summer.