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PayPal To Become A New Standard Payment Option Across Google Apps With One-Time Sign-In


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For a few years now, PayPal has been a billing option in the Play Store, and Android Pay integration arrived back in 2017.

Now, the two massive companies are letting the world know that they’re working on a deeper integration that will make PayPal available via multiple Google apps and services and it will become a new standard payment method.

PayPay will remain available as a payment method after signing in on a Google app

After you sign into PayPal on a single Google app, it will stay available as a payment methos across all the other services.

For instance, in Gmail, PayPal will be available to send money to your pals and in Google Pay, users will get the ability to make online and in-person payments.

Regarding the Google Store, PayPal will be quite selectable when buying devices and in YouTube, you will be able to use it in roder to pay for Super Chats.

One-time log-in aims to reduce the friction of using more payment acocunts

The one-time log-in will eliminate the hassle of having to use more payment account. PayPal will become a payment option just as any regular credit or debit card via Google servces.

The integration includes peer-to-peer payments and it will be similar to Google Pay Send which will be shortly integrated intot he main app.

There’s a screenshot that reveals an upcoming update to the Android client with a new Send tab in Google Pay.

This screenshot also shows off a redesign that features the Google Material.

The current “Cards” tab has been renamed to “Payment”. There’s also a new Passes section where user’s airline passes and movie tickers will appear.

PayPal tells us to expect deeper integration soon.