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Peach is the Most Interesting New Messaging App


A few days ago, a new application called Peach caused quite a sensation on the Internet. We have enough messaging applications, therefore, what makes it a special?

Peach was created by Dom Hofmann, the creator of the app named Vine. The application is free and available for iOS right now. It was launched on the market on Friday, but users were so excited about it that it gave up several times due to overload. It looks like Twitter, Instagram and Slack, all at the same time. Basically, it lets you find your friends, upload photos, Gifs and statuses on your own feed, and lets you view the feed of others.

One of the things that somehow bring Peach out of anonymity, is a simple feature, as some keywords that can be used as commands. For example, if you write “gif” in a status it will instantly appear a Giphy search tool. If you write “here” in the status, it will appear your exact location. Also, to “shout” you could write words in large letters on a colored background. The “draw” command lets you publish a doodle or sketch, and “song” which will automatically share that you are listening at that time. And that is not it; there are plenty of other magic words like: Goodmorning, Goodnight, battery, weather, move, meetings, safari, dice, time, data, movie, TV and game. More instructions about how to use the app, are available on its website.


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