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Pebble Watch Gets A Major Update – Health And Messaging Improve


The world of technology has been advancing in rapid leaps and bounds, and wearable technology has been one of the finest moves forward.

Pebble has been one of the first names to venture into the markets of smart-watches connected to Android and iOS devices. The company has been around for a long while, and has now introduced new and improved updates for their Pebble Time device.

The updates that have come out can broadly be categorized in three categories – updates related to the health tracking features have been introduced, as well as updates pertaining to messaging have been added to the new and improved Pebble.

The latest update brings the following health-tracking related updates and upgrades:

  • Pebble Health tracking is more accurate and can show distance in kilometers. Toggle distance settings in your Pebble smartphone app.
  • Developers may now show Pebble Health data in apps and watchfaces with the Health API.

Following are the updates related to messages and messaging in the Pebble devices:

  • iPhone users can now send custom responses to received iOS Messages.
  • Android users can now reply to incoming calls with SMS. Send a voice note, emoji, or custom message if you’d rather not pick up the phone.
  • A new Send Text app for Android users with Time-series watches lets you start conversations from your wrist.
  • Incoming MMS notifications now show descriptive icons and any text included with them.

There are some other updates that are not associated with Pebble Health or messaging, including:

  • Animations and transitions for Pebble Time and Time Steel are now speedier and in line with the experience on Pebble Time Round.
  • Low Power Mode has a new look. Keep your Pebble functioning as a watch for a few more hours when the battery is critically low.
  • Low battery warnings now say how much time you have left instead of percentage.
  • Support for Cyrillic characters can now be added in Settings » Watch Language » Select Language.
  • Under-the-hood fixes and stability improvements.

These updates have added a much needed fresh breath of air for the Pebble Time devices. The Pebble Time now comes in three colour variants – black, white, and red, and is priced in at $199.99.

Pebble Time “Steel” variant is also available, priced in at $249.99.Another variant, Pebble Time “Round”begins at $249.99.


  1. I like the Send Text app but prefer the Glance Watchapp overall since it has a Read SMS function and voice dictation too. Does anyone else have the issue that not all of your contacts appear listed on the Send Text watchapp, only the most recent ones that texted you?
    If so how do you make it so that it lists all your contacts alphabetically instead?

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