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Peggo MP3 & MP4 Recorder Comes With Metadata Capture And Sound Optimization


Peggo is a brand new mobile app that allows users to download MP3 and MP4s from YouTube and SoundCloud. But this is not all there is to the app.

Peggo is basically a Digital Video Recorder that allows users to record audio and video files straight from Soundcloud and YouTube.

It has useful features that other apps lack, such as volume normalization, unwanted silence removal, metadata recovery, integrated search, subtrack offsets, and artist and title tags as well. Below, you can see some of the app’s best features.

The app lets you choose download quality

Peggo allows you to record MP3s at the highest quality that is available.

It’s important to note that by default, the app download the video at 128kbps but you also have the option to select the quality from 64 kbps to 256 kbps. You can also record videos as MP4s from 144p which is mobile friendly to full HD 1080pp.

You can record partial music and video

This is another exclusive features that this app boasts. It’s able to stream YouTube and Soundcloud, and all you have to do is set the custom start and finish time before you press record.

Silence removal and sound normalization

You probably know that different content also comes with different volume.

Some videos or MP3s can be too quiet or too loud, and with Peggo app you can normalize the sound. The app will make sure that all the recording video and audio files are normalized at an optional volume.

The silence removal feature eliminates the silence from the beginning and the ending part of a video, It will provide seamless audio or video files.

MP3/MP4 metadata capture

This app also features metadata recovery which means that it can automatically discover and ill in the correct metadata of the track.

We’re referring to the album, release date, artist names and more. You can also select the desired portion of the video and save it as a subtrack.

Peggo app is straightforward, and it just needs to copy paste the link to the video/audio that you want to save.

Closing words 

The best thing about Peggo is that it supports instant download and real-time recording.

You’ll be able to download the videos straight from the app itself.

Peggo is available in three versions, basic, advanced and Pro with various features and download limits. Find out more by heading over to the Peggo official website.