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Pixel XL – How to Avoid Google’s Buggy Android 9.0 Pie


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One of the best things about owning a Pixel smartphone is the fact that Google is the company who is in charge of it. Therefore, Pixel smartphone owners are always going to be the first ones to receive access to Google’s latest Android OS software updates.

On the downside of things, receiving the latest updates is not always a good thing since they can contain annoying bugs and the latest Android 9.0 Pie OS is the perfect example of that.

Buggy Operating System

Reports are showing that Google’s latest Android 9.0 Pie OS is bringing more bugs than new features. To make matters even worse, the update contains a bug that makes it impossible for Pixel XL smartphones to use the Quick Charge feature.

Google’s developers are aware of this issue and they labeled as “won’t fix (infeasible)” which means that the developers are not going to fix the bug anytime soon. Pixel XL owners who downloaded Google’s latest OS update will have to wait longer than usual to charge their device.

Avoid Downloading Android 9.0 Pie

Even though Google’s developers are not going to fix the Quick Charging bug soon, they will eventually get to it. Therefore, we advise Pixel XL owners to avoid downloading Android 9.0 Pie until the Quick Charging bug is fixed. With that said, turning off the system updates notifications will disable automatic updates.

Disable System Updates Notifications

Pixel XL owners need to head over to Settings – Apps – Notifications and then select the Notifications panel again. All that’s left now is to disable the feature and keep an eye on Google’s community forum in order to find out when the developers release a fix for the Quick Charging bug. Let’s hope that happens fast because there’s nothing worse than having a buggy operating system.