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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Developers, PUBG Corp, Will Implement Dedicated Servers based On Regions


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds developers, PUBG Corp, seem to look for methods to improve stability for the gamers and announced that they are seriously considering introducing dedicated servers based on regions.

This is exactly what PUBG Corp says in an announcement on Steam:

“We are always working to improve the gaming environment. This includes providing a stable network experience for our players. You all know that we have implemented a ping-based matching system that has worked well but we did not want to stop here. One of the solutions we are considering is to run the servers so that only players who live in A Specific region can connect and play. These servers will be rendered invisible to players residing in other regions”.

You will still be able to play with PUBG gamers from other regions’ servers

However, if you live in Europe, for example, and you have friends who play¬†PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in Canada, it will be possible to find each other online.

“But, at the same time, if a player from one region forms a team with a player from another region, they can connect and play on one of the available servers for one or the other,” added PUBG Corp in its statement released on Steam.

Tests should be done soon on a limited perimeter because the developers believe they need more detailed analysis and data before launching the regional servers on a global scale.

Dedicated servers based on regions are meant to improve stability and in-game experience

Hosting millions of player on just a few PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds servers will soon be too much, thus, to improve stability, PUBG Corp decided to move players from the different regions of the world on dedicated servers for those specific regions.

This PUBG Corp measure to add dedicated servers depending on regions for the increasing number of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds gamers will definitely improve stability and gamers in-game experience and will stop the lags or network crashes, which, by the way, are rare issues in PUBG.