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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Introduces Events


“Hello everyone!

Last week we tested the Event Mode for the first time and were happy to see that so many of you enjoyed the new system. This week we’re mixing things up again and adding the Flare Gun to the loot table.”

In a style similar to Fortnine: Battle Royale’s limited event game modes, PlayerUnknown is adding special events to PUBG, too! These events will only be active for a limited amount of time, like a week, and imply using special weapons and different rules.

You can find the official event announcement here.

Event mode – Flare gun

Last week, another event made it so assault rifles’ spawn rate was greatly increased and players were grouped into teams of 8. Of course, mayhem ensued.

The event mode of this week gives players the ability to call a supply drop at their location by firing a flare gun at the sky. The supply drops will contain the usual armor or weapons loot.

However, due to the nature of this mechanic, calling for a supply drop will also reveal your location. Therefore, the general idea of this gamemode is to have players duke it out over the multiple supply drops in a way bloodier match.

This event will happen on the Miramar desert map, and the maximum squad will be of 4 people. Of course, being a desert, and thus a mostly flat ground, it will make things all the more exciting, as it is very hard to make yourself unseen.

It fails to meet expectations

The bad part is, PlayerUnknown made it so flare guns are uncommon or even rare in this game mode, and definitely limited supply. This makes it so there are matches where no one finds a flare gun and the match plays as a normal one.

We are not sure whether this is because of technical reasons or balancing reasons, but it definitely makes this event morose. Many matches might as well be normal quick games instead of the chaos that could’ve been if multiple flares fired at once and everybody fought for tons of loot.

We understand the need to make PUBG events different from Fortnite:BR events, however more exciting game modes (like the ones being played on private servers, for example) would be welcome. This is the chance for PlayerUnknown to experiment and take bigger risks, so why not do it and see what hits and what misses the mark?

What are your thoughts? Are you enjoying the new PUBG event? Tell us in the comments! And as always, stay tuned for more gaming news!