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PlayStation 4 Compatible With Old Games – Best Improvements Updates


After announcing on numerous occasions that the Playstation 4 will not be compatible with games on older consoles, the ones from Sony seem to have backtracked.

Microsoft made waves this year when they announced that titles from Xbox 360 will be played on Xbox One provided that developers give their consent. A few weeks ago, when the feature was implemented through a firmware update, the games portfolio for Xbox One increased suddenly with more than 120 original games released for the old console by Microsoft.

On the other side of the barricade, Sony denied that they will apply a similar strategy for PlayStation 4. Fortunately, they backtracked even if some peculiarities remain, that we must keep in mind. Apparently, at least temporarily, compatibility with older PlayStation games will expand to PS2, by an emulator. “We are trying to use the emulation technology to bring PlayStation 2 games on the current generation of consoles. We have nothing else to add at this time”.

Passing over the official confirmation that proves this story is not a myth, it is worth to note that it all started with the recent launch of Star Wars: Battlefront. In partnership with Electronic Arts, today there is a Playstation 4 bundle that you can buy on Amazon. Among other things, the pack includes four games for PlayStation 2 in digital format, Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter, Star Wars Racer: Revenge and Super Star Wars.

It was not long until people at Digital Foundry have realized that the titles were running through an emulator that was not created just for this particular case. In the process, Select and Start buttons on the controller for PlayStation 2 were associated sides of the touchpad controller of the PlayStation 4. To accentuate even more the obvious fact that we are talking about the classic versions of the games running on the new console , each title running displays the PS2 logo, in addition, all references to in-game buttons do not refer to the gamepad that comes with Playstation 4.