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PlayStation 4: PS3 Backward Compatibility Leaked By Sony On PlayStation Store


A few days before the E3 2018, rumors are multiplying around the announcements that Sony might make during the world’s greatest video games event of the year. However, the Japanese manufacturer kept the secrecy on some of the topics but it leaked a possible PS3 backward compatibility for PlayStation 4.

PS3 backward compatibility leaked on PlayStation Store

Sony has already confirmed that its press conference for the 2018 edition of the world’s most important video game event, the E3 2018, would be different from the previous ones.

But the fans went into the wrong direction, apparently, as they were thinking about more details regarding the future PS console, the PlayStation 5.

Nonetheless, just recently, unintentionally, Sony leaked on its PlayStation Store one of its big surprises that the company held in store for us for E3 2018.

More specifically, within a few days before the start of the E3 2018 show, Sony has added a Best Of PS3 section within its PlayStation Store on PS4.

Rumors weren’t late to pop up and some people are voicing that this addition was erroneous and Sony itself has just leaked a big surprise kept for E3 2018.

As some people say, this section would be dedicated to PS3 backward compatibilities for PlayStation 4, meaning that PS4 owners will be able to play PS3 games.

This is already done by Microsoft with its Xbox consoles, therefore, there is no reason why the Japenese won’t implement a similar feature.

How can this affect PlayStation 5?

Well, I guess is not directly connected to a delay in the PlayStation 5 release date which is already set for the around 2021 period.

However, indirectly, this might indeed show the end of the PlayStation 4 era, already announced by Sony’s CEO, as the PlayStation 5 release date has been rumored to happen in 2021 and, apparently, the Japanese confirmed it.

Well, keep an eye on the Sony’s presentation on E3 2018 as we might learn more about their plans and about this PS3 backward compatibility for PlayStation 4.


  1. It’s weird, I was just looking up the term “CLICK BAIT”, and this article popped up.

    Gee, the PS4 might have backward compatibility; and yet all it’s showing is the possibility that the PS Store might offer some of the PS3 games to purchase digitally. Yipee. I’ll tell you what, if Sony comes out and says that these games WILL BE FREE TO THOSE WHO ALREADY OWN THE PHYSICAL COPIES, then you’ll have my attention. Otherwise that absolutely has nothing to do with being backwards compatible.

    • They aren’t going to offer millions of people who bought physical copies of games digital copies free even if they brought ps3 titles to ps4 and the rumor is true. Tho they will probably allow people who purchased digital copies on the ps3 to import them to the ps4…..again tho that’s taken with a grain of salt.

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