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PlayStation Makes It Easy To Try Out Premium & Extra Subscription Tiers

Credit: Pixabay.com

With the PlayStation Plus Extra & Premium membership plans, you may have access to a wide variety of vintage and current-generation titles. Trial periods for PS Plus and PS Now were prevalent first before layered PS Plus service emerged, enabling gamers to test the features before purchasing. In various places of the globe, PlayStation is giving out free trials of its games.

It costs $119.99 to join the PS Plus Premium tier, which includes the PS Plus Extra category. PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5 games are among the options offered to members. There are an increasing number of PS1 and PS2 titles that are available to Premium customers. Subscribers may play PS3 titles on PS4 as well as PS5 through the PS Now service, which is included in the Premium subscription. Additionally, the Premium membership includes access to a variety of game trials, as well as the ability to import saved game data into the full version.

Sony quietly started offering a 7-days free trial of PS Plus Premium and Extra in Europe from PlayStationPlus

Free trials of PlayStation Plus Extra, as well as Premium subscriptions, are being offered throughout Europe for seven days. The free trial is available to anyone who has not yet purchased a PlayStation Plus subscription, and a bank card is necessary to join up. According to Polish news site XGP, Poland is among the first nations to get the freebie PS Plus Extra & Premium trials. On July 19, the trial periods will be available to everyone in the area.

In the US, Japan, as well as other parts of the globe, PlayStation hasn’t verified that the PS Plus Extra or Premium free trials are available. It’s possible, though, that the PS Now & PS Plus free trials may be available in more locations shortly after the European release. Considering how fresh the PS Plus program is, PlayStation is likely to provide more details regarding the free trials.