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PlayStation Plus Customer Gets Gift For Mistakenly Being Overcharged By $1


PlayStation Plus, like other membership providers on the market today, is really about rewarding its customers for their continuing support.

As a result of Sony’s recent update to Plus, which included a new set of features, there was likely to be some difficulty in keeping subscribers for lengthy periods of time.

Reddit user y2so previously found this to be the situation while trying to update their PlayStation Plus membership to the latest model, and it was overpriced. Sony quickly apologized for the error and issued a refund to Y2so, who had been shorted $1 in doing so. In addition to the apologies, Sony also sent y2so a nice gift, making everything all the more delightful.

Sony overcharged me about 1$ when upgrading to new PS Plus, then refunded & apologized to me by gifiting about 15$. Used it to buy GTA V. Got game for free, thanks Sony! from PlayStationPlus

The upgrade mechanism for PlayStation Plus, which had a number of issues during launch, seems to be to blame for the problem. Sony, on the other hand, acted quickly to remedy y2so’s problem by issuing a prompt reimbursement. Sony also offered a formal apology to the customer and a gift of an additional $15 to make amends for the hardship. Y2so went on to praise Sony’s attentiveness in this specific case just on the PlayStation Plus subreddit.

For all of Sony’s hard work updating PlayStation Plus, it wasn’t lost on anybody. Mid-June saw the launch of the updated PS Plus tiers, which included several new titles and features for Sony’s subscription model. A wide range of newer games, also including Death Stranding & Returnal, are now available to PS Plus subscribers, along with a number of classics from the PS1, PS2, PS3, and PS4 generations of gaming systems.

y2so was able to get a fantastic discount owing to Sony’s quick reaction. Because of the apology reward and the license for GTA 5 they bought with the availability of 10 PS Plus titles that received rave reviews, they can rest certain that they will never run out of titles to play.