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Pokemon Go: All The New Updates You Need Yo Know About


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The new Pokémon Go version changed the ways in which the gyms work, in order to get to more rural areas. Also, the new Raid Battle feature helps players socialize and come together in epic Battles, in which the prizes are worth considering.

For those Pokémon lovers out there, they will be thrilled to know that they will be able to search through their collection and find different ones faster. How will the process take place?  The answer is by using nicknames, Pokédex number, type and species. Some of the new updates will be most likely more appreciated by new players rather than old ones.

How will the players be able to find the newest PokéStops?

These stops can include anything from regular buildings, statues, public monuments and other venues. These locations offer players special items and the possibility to learn more about the community. To find such a stop, you must look for a blue marker on the game’s map. If you are close to a stop, then it will become a PokéBall. If you are far from one, then the stop markers look like cubes. The special items you might find can even include an egg which would soon hatch into a new Pokémon.

If you already feel excited to try this updated version, then you must remember that one of the new features is the Raid Battles. All you must do is join a team, socialize and get a change to grab some of the best Pokemon in town. It is a multi-player update worth considering. If you are not that keen on socializing then you can always go around town finding PokéStops.

The new introduced features will soon have to render and maintain the popularity of the game.