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Pokémon GO and Crypto Hunt – What’s Next In The Game?


No one can really deny the success of Pokémon GO, nor its impact on mobile games. As it turns out, the game manages to be a source of inspiration even know.

Crypto Hunt is one of the unexpected outcomes. The game will reunite two popular things: the idea behind Pokémon GO and cryptocurrency. Crypto Hunt is supposed to become the game we all wished for. Tasks completed in the game will reward the player real money. Sounds good? Let’s see what we have so far.

Fixing the mistakes of the past

Not only that Crypto Hunt is inspired by Pokémon GO, but the games aims to fix all the issues that existed with the AR hit. “We believe the greatest downfall of Pokémon GO was their lack of preparation for the adoption that took place upon release. Our support is poised and ready for mass adoption,” explained Michael McGehee, assistant director of marketing at Crypto Hunt.

Crypto Hunt is anticipating the high demand and it claims that it is prepared for it, which is something that Pokémon GO did not do. Back in 2016 when Pokémon GO was launched, the game became instantly popular, and server issues soon started to appear.

So far we only have a demo version for the game, and from what it seems, the game does resemble Pokemon Go. This app will have a virtual avatar as well, and players will be able to solve quests by walking around the city.

Crypto Hunt might become the next hit, and players will receive tokens will real value for answering questions. A Visa Crypto Hunt will also become available so that players can cash out what they earn. The final version of the game will be launched this summer, in June.