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Pokemon GO Field Research – Everything You Need To Know


Pokemon GO’s latest updated added quests in the form of field research and special research. If you need a reminder, field research implies daily quests that you get by spinning Pokestops and that grant you nice rewards, like Potions or Rare Candies.

Even though each quest is unique (catch this Pokemon, win that fight), there is some common ground and some tips we would like to share with you.

First of all, you should know that Field Research quests are specific to the Pokestop you spin once per day, and it resets at midnight (whenever that is in your local time). Trainers cannot complete the exact same quest twice, but Pokestops give you the same quest to every player each day.

Special Encounters

A possible reward of Field Research is a wild Pokemon encounter – the Pokemon is level 15 and will have IV values the likes of raid bosses or egg hatches.

On topic of these reward encounters, they can not be boosted by weather, however there is still a chance they will be shiny. If you catch a Pokemon with this method, it will not have a location on the Pokedex.

What’s more, hatching a Pokemon from an Egg does not count towards a “Catch This Pokemon” objective, but catching its evolution will, which is strange.

Pokeball throwing

If you are given a quest that has you throw Pokeballs in a specific manner multiple times in a row, one good tip is that it does not matter how the encounter with the Pokemon ends.

You do not need to catch that Pokemon, and it does not matter if it runs away! Multiple throws that don’t catch the Pokemon still count towards your goal. Also, if you need 3 “Nice” throws, higher tier throws like “Great” or “Excellent” count, too!

Raid Battles

Having all your Pokemon knocked out or running out of time in a Raid Battle still counts as participating in it, therefore you only really need one raid pass to complete multiple Raid Research Tasks.

Keep in mind that Gym Battling is not the same as a Raid Battle, but actions do count towards multiple tasks. You can even have duplicate tasks, thus making stamp-collecting easier.

Stamps & Tips

One good tip is that you do not have to claim the rewards of a Research task immediately. Therefore, one can wait until after midnight and then claim the rewards and therefore earn a new stamp, too!

What is strange is that if your bag is full you will not be given any new Research quests from any Pokestops, so make sure your bag is clean! Also, as we’ve said before, only Pokestops will give you new quests, so Gyms are useless in that regard.

Special Research (Plot-related questing) is a whole different story and special quests do not count towards your day-to-day Field Research stamp collection. However, you will get Mew at the end of Special Research, so it is still important to do that, too.

We hope this article was helpful to you and now you’ll be more efficient in completing your Research. Tell us in the comments about your breakthroughs! And as always, stay tuned for more Pokemon GO info!