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Pokemon GO March Update – Mew, Story Quests, Plot And More


Pokemon GO finally receives its next big addition on its way to become a full-fledged professional mobile game! The Mythic Pokemon, Mew, is being added as a reward at the end of a set of plot-driven quests that you have to complete.

You can read more details on the update in our other article on the subject, but if you only want a rundown, read on.

The update will deploy starting today, March 30th, so patch your game and start questing!

Field Research

The quests you receive from Professor Willow are of two kinds: Field Research and Special Research.

You get Field Research tasks by spinning PokeStops at least once per day. Among the objectives you will be given we can count catching a certain Pokemon, winning a Gym Battle, winning a Raid Battle, or even doing 3 Great Throws one after another.

You get better rewards the harder the quest is to complete, and you will get stuff like rare candies, potions, and such.

Of course, you can complete however many Field Research tasks you want over the course of a day in order to gain more and more rewards, but doing at least one task per day will also grant you a stamp. Collecting 7 of those will give you Research Breakthrough, which is unclear what it exactly entails, but it can only be good. Maybe even a Legendary Pokemon encounter!

Special Research

Now this is where it gets interesting. Special Research is where Pokemon GO’s plot will fit in. These quests will be story-driven and will obviously take longer to complete a set of Special Research than Field Research.

In other words, Special Research will probably be more difficult and more lengthy, but the rewards will also be even greater (hint: maybe a Mew encounter at the end of Special Research?).

In any case, today should be the day the update lands, so go over to the Play Store/App Store and patch up your game!