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Pokemon Go Recommits To One of The Best Fan Experiences Announcing Ultra Unlocks


The Ultra Unlocks reward will return to Pokemon Go during the next summer festival. This year’s Ultra Unlock is not really a one-time event like previous years. When the Season of GO begins, Trainers would be given specific Global Challenges to perform in every Pokémon Go Fest activity, that will release an improved version of a subsequent event when they fulfill them.

There shall be several opportunities for Ultra Unlock rewards for the year due to the numerous Pokémon GO Fest activities taking place this year. Pokemon. There will be hourly Global Challenges for the very first Ultra Unlock huge bonus on Saturday, June 4 but also on Sunday, June 5, as part of the early two-day world event, and each subsequent Pokémon GO Fest incident should have its own distinct Global Challenges connected to Ultra Unlocks for activities later this season.

  • Adventure Week Ultra Unlock bonuses may be earned by completing minimum of 20 Global Challenges during the Global Pokémon GO Festival.
  • Trainers may gain Ultra Unlock rewards for the anniversary celebration if they pass the Global Challenge at the Pokémon GO Fest Berlin.
  • Trainers who pass the Global Challenge for Pokémon GO Fest – Seattle will get Ultra Unlock benefits for a yet-to-be-announced event.
  • In order to get Ultra Unlock benefits for a yet-to-be-announced event, Pokémon GO Fest Sapporo’s Global Challenge must be completed.

A week following the completion of the associated Pokémon GO Fest tournament, details regarding every event’s Ultra Unlock benefits will be made available. Push alerts, social networking, and gaming news are all ways to stay up to speed. To start earning those Ultra Unlock bonuses, just go!

The yearly in-game events, Pokemon Go Fest 2022, will start happening on the 4th and 5th of June in 2022. Two days of the special gaming, both free & ticketed, will be available during the event. Ticket prices for Pokémon GO Fest 2022 start at $14.99 USD that cover both stages of the festival, as well as the grand conclusion on Saturday – August 27, 2022.