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Pokemon GO’s code available with Ditto


The whole Pokemon universe contains around 700 different Pokemon. The mobile game Pokemon Go has just 145 Pokemons available right now, and these 145 pocket monsters are considered as the first generation. Ever since the game was launched, players were asking for more pocket monsters to be added since day one. Not necessarily meaning they have caught them all, maybe they were just wishing to find a different Pokemon that was not in the game.

Pokemon Fans have something to look forward to since the code for the second generation of pocket monsters have been found in the game’s data files. The code contains a new “transform” move and everyone is speculating that Ditto is finally coming to the game. Ditto is one of the original Pokemon and everyone was sad when they found out that Ditto is not in the game. Rumors are pointing out that because of his transform move being so overpowered, Niantic needed to find a way to balance it before releasing the Pokemon.

The code lines show that the next generation of pocket monsters is going to consist of 100 new Pokemon. The code lines have been discovered by TheSliphRoad community. The SliphRoad is a group of data collecting Pokemon Go players. Their focus is to gather data and use it to be able to track and find Pokemon. They are making Pokemon Go player’s life a lot more easier, giving them tips and trick on how to catch the pocket monsters they are looking for.

Even if the second generation of Pokemon is implemented in the games code, that does not mean they are available at the moment. Niantic are still figuring out what needs to be changed before doing that. Niantic Labs is not hurrying with this new update mostly because they don’t want to get it wrong. The main focus of the new addition of second generation Pokemons is to keep the game interesting for their players and to bring new ones at the same time.


  1. “of the zany ways people have tried to catch pokemon”

    how the fuck does a Z mixed out with an M? the characters are miles away from each other

  2. It’s not a typo. Zany is actually a word and it means ; amusingly unconventional and idiosyncratic, weird, bizarre, odd.

  3. I’ve had a fair read of this it’s it’s so big now I couldn’t get through all of it so unsure if covered but don’t think so, Just reading all the different theories and thinking of similarities and differences, What about all the region exclusives are from 5k eggs, except Mr.mime, and in other games mr.mime has relevance to ditto, don’t know where this is leading but considering I’m level 30 and never hatched a lapras maybe something to do with mr mine 10kegg?

  4. I don’t know if someone already experienced this : An anomaly happend to me during evolution runs with a lucky egg, the pokemon evolves but its name remain unchanged. I had the case with a fearow who’s name remained spearow (piafabec in french) and a raticate who’s name remained rattata… simple bug or something else… I don’t know. I did not try anything with them at the moment.
    Edit : I’m level 26 and did 6 evolution runs, apx 360. So 2 cases on 360…

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