Poll: Most Canadians Losing Rethinking How They Use Facebook

Nearly three-quarters of Canadians polled say that the recent Facebook data scandal will change their habits on the platform, with some going as far as deleting their account.

In an online survey by the Angus Reid Institute, 1 in 10 respondents will stop using Facebook or completely abandon the platform by deleting their account.

The organization conducted two surveys on its forum, the first from February 28 to March 2, with a sample of 1501 adult Canadians, and the second, between March 21 and 22, with a sample of 1509 Canadian adults. It is impossible to calculate a margin of error for a non-probability sample like this one.

The second poll took place following the publication of the Cambridge Analytica survey and asked respondents about the impact of the scandal on their habits and Facebook impression. The firm at the heart of the scandal is accused of having extracted Facebook data from 50 million US citizens in order to send them targeted political advertisements.

Facebook users who participated in the second survey, 41% say they will at least review their privacy settings, and 23% expect to reduce the time they spend on the platform.

Only 27% of those surveyed say that the Cambridge Analytica scandal will not affect their Facebook habits.

However, the survey reveals that those who intend to delete their accounts are already less frequent users.

About 38% of Canadians surveyed say their opinion about Facebook has dropped in recent weeks.

BJ Durant
BJ Durant
BJ is the lead editor of The Tecch Stalls. Fluent in French and proficient in Spanish and Arabic, he focuses on mobile trends and tech innovations. BJ is a graduate of York University In Toronto. When BJ isn't busy writing his next piece, he can often be found running the streets of the GTA.

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