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Privacy and Security Threats, Losing Money on Idle Resources and a New Promising Solution for all these problems


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The internet is no longer in its inception phase, and the web has evolved into something huge. So big that it’s impossible to keep track of everything happening online and to efficiently manage everything (and everyone) that leaves a mark on this platform. As a result, a new breed of wrong doers simply referred to as cyber criminals have a appeared, wreaking havoc among the ranks of unsuspecting internet users.

The problems don’t stop here, however, as, over the course of the last few years, online censorship has grown substantially. This means that people are given limited access to online content, and this ultimately leads to security risks and online threats which are hard to deal with. Anonymity is also harder and harder to preserve with personal information often being scattered all across the internet, making our personal lives a tool for cyber crime without most even knowing about it.

The issue of censorship on the internet

There is a principle of network neutrality that is, unfortunately, nothing more than that in the present state of the online medium.  The issue of censorship is a growing one, and it is becoming harder and harder to find examples where network neutrality is applied, offering equal network access rights to all users and entities.

The issue of online security and cyber crime

The scarce availability or complete lack of reliable encryption solutions makes cyber crime a very dangerous threat that looms over the entire internet. Without the necessary smart solutions to protect ourselves and our contents online, cyber crime is becoming more and more frequent and the damage it does also grow in scale.  Both persons and business suffer tremendously at the hands of cyber crime.

The issue of internet speed and a slow connection in a fast world

We live in a world that likes to go fast. Our entire society has been hardwired to respond only to very fast solutions and to up the pace on virtually everything on a daily basis. From trivial tasks to important business, everything is based on a high-speed factor and stable, high-efficiency parameters. When you pair that with an internet connection that doesn’t really play the part, problems appear inevitably.

Broadband costs and internet speed as well as encryption solutions through a secure broadband pipeline, but also total transparency and lack of censorship, these are all things we can hope for from this innovative new project.