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Productivity Planner, Dashlane, Evernote And Slack Might Be The Perfect Apps For Your Business


Blogging and business are two things that most often go hand in hand. That’s possible because often times, blogging is a business. Nevertheless, the fact of the matter is that you need all the tools you can get in order to gain the edge in this very challenging competition. There are millions of bloggers out there and if you want to stand out from the crowd, your blog must have something that they don’t.

This means that you can’t skimp out on any top notch helping hand that you can get. Even if you are not a blogger but have an online branch for your business, you will probably need these tools to stay competitive. That being said, let’s see what apps you absolutely need the most when it comes to staying productive.

Productivity Planner

You can probably guess what this app does base on its name. If not, it’s fairly simple. It helps you plan your entire day before anything even happens. When you wake up in the morning you don’t have to deal with a wave of confusion or try to figure out what you should do first.

Productivity Planner can be used to plan ahead not just by days but for weeks or months as well. This means that you will always be ahead of the game and on the move.


When it comes to keeping a close lid on your private affairs, nothing comes more in handy than the good ol’ trusty password. But what do you do when you don’t remember that password and you absolutely must log onto your account? Things can get messy easily and that’s no good for blogging or business. With an app like Dashlane however, you never run the risk of forgetting your password. This app is a password manager that keeps all your important passwords safe and organized so you always know which goes where.


Evernote is an absolutely great app. It’s available on multiple platforms and it features some pretty amazing and useful options. One of the best is the fact that you can save your notes to the cloud storage. This allows for instant access from anywhere which is super convenient.

Passwords aren’t the only thing that you can forget, so it’s important to take as many notes as possible. That’s the only way to truly stay on top of every situation, and the only way to do it is through a trustworthy app like Evernote which stores, manages and organizes all of your notes, offline and online.


Slack is an app that allows a group of people to communicate online and share files and much more. Through the app, a team or group assigned to the same project or that must stay in constant communication will have that opportunity.

Slack comes with a great interface that makes everything evident and accessible, and allows teammates and work colleagues to easily share any kind of information across the internet. This saves a lot of time and improves project efficiency considerably.