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‘Propagation: Paradise Hotel’ Game’s Release Date Finally Confirmed!


Propagation: Paradise Hotel, developed independently by WanadevStudio, will soon be available on PlayStation VR2 as well as on Meta Quest.

At the same time, now that Propagation: Paradise Hotel’s release date has officially been confirmed for May 4th, it’s finally clear that the release day is right around the corner!

The upcoming game is a narrative-based VR horror survival game and is part of the Propagation series.

Gamers take on the role of Emily Diaz in the game – a young bartender with little to no fighting experience.

People have been transformed into vicious beasts by a weird sickness.

Diaz gets stuck at the Paradise Hotel while searching desperately for her sister. It may not come as a surprise that these critters reside in this hotel as well.

Owen, her lone companion, works as a security officer.

Up until they hear something on the radio, Owen and Emily appear to be the only survivors.

However, it turns out that Ashley, Emily’s identical twin sister, is still very much alive and will meet a rescue crew on the roof of the hotel.

In this incredibly hostile universe, the gamers will be thrust into a terrifyingly immersive experience that combines, exploration, infiltration, survival, and action, all in one.

Diaz and Ashley must search the shadowy areas around the Paradise Hotel for Ashley. To advance in the story, the player must use a variety of weapons, armor, and tools carefully.

Production Manager Nola Speck, explains that “For us, as an independent studio, Propagation: Paradise Hotel is a unique project. We want to offer gamers a truly immersive experience, with a deep, touching story. We wanted to do more than a simple zombie game.”

On May 4, Paradise Hotel will be accessible on Steam and the Meta Quest Store. The PlayStation VR2 version’s release date hasn’t been announced yet, though. But no worries! This information will “be disclosed shortly,” according to WanadevStudio so look forward to it!


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