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PS4 Finally Jailbroken – Running on Linux Successfully


Jailbreaking a device is not an easy job to do. It takes days and even months to work the system properly, so that the device can respond properly to the environment you are going to expose it to.

Well it took almost two years to do the same on the PS4 and Homebrew group, failOverflow have done it all.

This was not the first attempt made to get a PS4 running on another mode. A similar effort was made back in June by a Brazilian team of jailbreakers who claimed that the PS4 can indeed be made to work on any other platform.

It so appears that failOverflow members have drawn inspiration from this group. The group has re done the whole coding and have broken through the software of the device to finally make it run on Linux and the effect is really commendable.

The previous team that tried it had gone through a tough process. They used Raspberry Pi to mirror the hard disk of a PlayStation device they had hacked to gain access to the content that sony had so strongly protected.

Apparently, this was a measure that might take more time than usual and homebrew came up with a solution before they could.

They followed a cumbersome step too, but the process of installing Linux on the PS4 apparently did a good job here and now their jail broken devices are working on Linux perfectly. They used the Webkit bug to go about this change.

Github user, Cturt had also tried this same bug and had achieved good results. Apparently, this bug affects the Webkit browser that the PS4 uses and the processes are delinked from the core of the device’s OS, by way of a page that is improvised to do so.

The Sony Orbis OS that the PS4 works on is a lot like the Unix system, in which failOverflow was able to find a weakness.

However, this bug was introduced only on the firmware versions 1.76, but with the more recent 3.11, this might not really work unless the bug is again altered to suit the needs of the PS4.

So we will have to wait before we can see the very new consoles running on Linux again.